Pillars Memory Care Fund Image

FUND PURPOSE: Currently, the Pillars Memory Care Fund, Founded by Oppidan is able to touch the lives of over 1,200 seniors throughout the Ebenezer system. This fund has been able to provide over 50 different programs since its inception in 2016, and this number is continuing to grow. We are grateful for this opportunity to provide such incredible programming to seniors with Dementia and all different stages of memory loss.

PILLARS AT WORK: To enhance the Memory Care programming at Ebenezer-owned sites, all current and any future Oppidan-owned sites through activities such as music, art, writing, storytelling and other therapies designed to stimulate, relate and engage those residents dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Oppidan’s intent is to split distribution evenly between Ebenezer-owned sites and Oppidan-owned sites.