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Oppidan has created relationships with several, highly skilled design build contractors and general contractors throughout the nation. By working closely with them we are able to manage the design, schedule and budget of each project. These relationships allow us to implement changes while minimizing impact to budget and schedule. From start to finish, Oppidan works with the contractor and the city to assure that everything is complete and our clients can occupy their building on time.

Project Closeout and Beyond.

Because Oppidan handles each project from start to finish, we have the ability to leverage the relationships we’ve created with the city at the beginning to ensure a smooth transition into the new facility at the end. Upon the final city inspection, clients receive a Certificate of Occupancy as well as the Operation and Maintenance Manuals and the Record Drawings. We believe it is important that our clients understand how the facility systems operate thus allowing us to know our client’s management team is comfortable taking control of their new building.