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The Pillars of Hermantown

Oppidan is yet again expanding their "Pillars" portfolio with the latest, The Pillars of Hermantown. This senior living community delivers 105 units of independent living, assisted living and memory care housing. Located in the heart of Hermantown and just minutes from all the shopping and amenities located near Miller Hill Mall in Duluth.

Amenities Include: Salon, Theater, Chapel, Fitness Center, Sauna, Community Room, Deck, Sun Room, Pub, Secured MC Community, Private, secure MC patio, Pickleball court, Community Dining room, Private Dining Room available for private events, and more.

For more information: The Pillars of Hermantown

For leasing and tours: 210-600-5755 | Julie Hudecheck

Street Address

4110 Lavaque Road
Hermantown, MN 55811
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Type / Area

Senior Housing - 140,000 sq. ft.


Under Construction – Inquire About This Property