Oppidan creates unique opportunities for industry-leading retailers and investors. Passionate and client driven, we pinpoint wants and needs efficiently then develop and deliver well-designed, well-built properties, in the best possible locations, at the lowest possible cost, in record time.

Oppidan understands the importance of delivering value and how it can help our clients businesses grow exponentially if every inch of every project is managed flawlessly. With over $1.5 billion in developed property, more than 9 million square feet and more than 300 successful projects completed to date, our clients have seen first-hand how significant and economical our distinctive approach continues to be.

We have established solid relationships with leading retailers and investors around the country, based on our strong track record and commitment to providing value. Providing unsurpassed value-added service isn't a priority; it's a strict requirement at Oppidan. In every step of the process we bring new strategic ideas, dependability and leadership to our clients so they reach their objectives. Let us show you how this distinctive approach can help your company.