Founded in 1991 by Joseph H. Ryan, Oppidan Investment Company is the result of a watershed moment experienced earlier that same year in London. On his 1st day of sitting in a conference room, thousands of miles and an ocean away from his family, Joe knew he needed something different. Joe’s dream was to create something that offered flexibility, a comfortable income and the ability to “work hard, play hard”; a philosophy his dad had taught him throughout his own career. In that moment Joe walked away from the comfort and security of working on someone else’s dream and the plan for Oppidan was born. Oppidan, the Latin word for investing in your city, opened it’s doors in June of 1991. Today’s Oppidan is the result of years of hard work, recalibration and creativity, all of which makes it unique and dynamic. There is no other company quite like Oppidan.

Oppidan: Latin term for investing in your city

From its humble beginnings, Oppidan entered the real estate development arena with a project for Norwest Bank in Apple Valley, Minnesota and has since extended its reach to nationwide development for Orchard Supply Hardware and Lowes. Often referred to as “the little company that could,” Oppidan has grown into a multi-faceted company with three offices and an extensive portfolio of over 500 projects that represent 23.5 million square feet of developed space, the value of which exceeds $3.5 billion. As Oppidan grew, their client list went well beyond banks and retailers, becoming a leader in industrial, residential, recreational, retail and financial real estate development.

The Oppidan Investment Company story of entrepreneurship continues today with it's significant impact in North Dakota’s Bakken region. An unlikely partner for Oppidan, the oil industry and more specifically the Bakken region, best represents the original mission of the company: investing in your city. Oppidan is a critical part of the region’s efforts to build the infrastructure necessary to sustain and enrich life in surrounding communities.

Oppidan stands ready to work with clients, both large and small, to shape the future and anticipate the needs of a constantly changing demographic.