Wednesday, June 13, 2012

McKenzie Count Farmer

Posted 6/13/12 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor


A developer, who is planning to bring Coborn’s Grocery Store, a Little Dukes convenience store and gas station, as well an ALCO and a McDonald’s to Watford City, wants the Watford City City Council to amend its current liquor license ordinance to allow for more than one off-sale liquor license.
During the city council’s meeting on Monday, June 4, Joe Ryan, president of the Oppidan Investment Company told the council members that it is critical that he receives an off-sale liquor license for Cash Wise Liquor.
According to Ryan, his investment company already has firm commitments from Coborn’s, ALCO and McDonald’s to be a part of his development plans in Watford City, which would be located at the corner of Highway 85 and Highway 23. In addition, he is developing the 12-acre parcel to include a hardware store, a car wash and other retail space.
But a city off-sale liquor license is needed to bring a Cash Wise Liquor into the development.
“Cash Wise Liquor is a very critical component of this development,” stated Ryan. “The market suggests the need for this business.”
But according to council member Wyatt Voll, the ordinance committee, in denying the request for an additional liquor license, was bound by the current city ordinance, which limits the number of off-sale licenses to one license for every 3,000 residents, according to the last available federal census. Based on Watford City’s census population of 1,744 residents, the city can only issue one off-sale beer.


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